Hello, my name is Hannah.

Almost fifteen years ago, I was applying to university for the first time...


I remember the elation after opening that thick brown envelope on January 2nd, telling me that I had been accepted to the University of Cambridge to study Natural Sciences and I remember the youthful ignorance that persuaded me to take all the credit for myself.


Five years later, I decided that I wanted to be a doctor. I went through the same months long application process for medical school, experienced the same insecurity all over again and after getting a full house of offers and scholarships, again took to basking in my own brilliance.


Then, I started to help other people to apply to university and my perspective on my own successes shifted dramatically.

For the first time I had the opportunity to develop a close professional relationship with people who were just like my fellow applicants five years before. And I found out that they were all brilliant.


All they needed was a little help to showcase that brilliance.


Reflecting on our mentoring sessions brought into clear focus one simple difference.


I had help. 

After over a decade of mentoring others with their university applications processes, I  founded IvyBrick Consulting. 

Feedback from my mentees taught me that the greatest value came from having someone with experience and empathy on the journey with them. Someone with a tireless passion for bringing out the brilliance that each and every applicant has. Everyone working under the name of Ivy Brick, is this 'someone’.


Originally founded in Boston, Massachusetts, with a strong base of local clients, I recently expanded IvyBrick Consulting to London, UK, and teamed up with a close friend and colleague Dr Tanmay Suri. Alongside practising as an emergency physician, Tanmay has mentored several students through applications over the last decade, teaches regularly in the hospital and has independently developed the same beliefs about education and mentoring that I have worked hard to build into the fabric of IvyBrick Consulting.


Together, we promise you unfaltering energy and enthusiasm, from start to finish, to unleash your brilliance and help you get to where you aspire to be.


Ours is a personal service of one-to-one mentorship, crafted around your needs.

We are here to help you build your future. 


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“Extremely accessible, with great knowledge regarding what is needed to set you above the crowd.” - Calum 



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